1. wife, 
    2. puppy mom, 
    3. engineer, 
    4. friend, 
    5. daughter, 
  1. Dora's granddaughter,
  2. photographer, 
  3. chocoholic, 
  4. the beach is my zen place,
  5. art-lover, 
  6. everything is improved by GLITTER,
  7. sarcastic to a fault,
  8. laughter is my fav medicine,
  9. foodie,
  10. flip-flop collector,
  11. dancer,
  12. a little crunchy...don't judge,
  13. out-going introvert, 
  14. music is my life,
  15. riddled with wanderlust, 
  16. southern belle (...but I cuss a little y'all),
  17. firm believer that every message is better with an emoji :), 
  18. Agnes & Dora clothes are my weakness,
  19. BEAUTIFUL the way God made me <3


When I discovered Agnes & Dora clothes, I quickly realized that these clothes are different.  Every outfit made me feel confident and beautiful...which was a foreign feeling for me since I have always had self-esteem issues.  I never considered myself a fashionista by any stretch, but here I was excited to get up in the morning and create an outfit.  At work, on a date, or at the store, I felt comfortable and stylish...which is an AMAZING feeling!

Agnes & Dora wants every woman to embrace her body and become the best version of herself.  When it came time to select a name for my boutique, I couldn't stop thinking about how much I had grown personally and professionally since discovering A&D.   I decided to build my little business around the idea that every woman was born to  BLOSSOM and shine.